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I help people create the 'adventure life' they've always dreamed of by creating an authentic offer that attracts customers their thriving online business!

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Who Is Michael Maidens?

Michael empowers people with a unique, systematic approach to create a thriving business to support creating an amazing lifestyle.

Michael brings a unique combination of performance psychology learnt as a former full time athlete, systematic approach from writing business software for 10 years is combined with his most recent focus of reaching and impacting an audience online.

This combination is why clients and companies from around the world look to Michael to remove their blockages and create a life and business they love.

It has become my passion now to help people all over the world to build a life and business which enables them to grow their health, life and business at the same time!

In addition Michael is a husband and father of 3 amazing kids!

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What Client's Say ...

"Michael Maidens is a unique visionary. When Michael talks, audiences listen. My first one hour session with Michael gave me some of the best “aha” moments of my lifetime. A year of coaching with Michael has allowed me see those “aha” moments translate into long reaching impact and success for my business. However, it isn’t just Michael’s innovative approach to business that makes him special, it is his deep rooted understanding of what motivates people. Michael is that 'impact player' that can take any business to that next level of success…regardless of what that next level is for you."

Susan Garrett
Multiple National and World Agility Champion, Speaker and World Leader in Animal Behaviour / Say Yes Dog Training

"Michael is truly a one of a kind! He is the type of person that thinks with his heart! His passion for helping people and guiding them down the perfect path is extraordinary. Thank you so much for everything mate! You are a legend!"

Mark Visser
Big Wave and Ocean Adventure Athlete /

"I knew that when I first saw Micky’s book shelf that we would be life long friends. It’s amazing the power of how someone chooses to spend their spare time impacts the quality of who they are as a person and what they have to bring to the table. Speaking on that Micky has worked together with our core team since 2011 on various projects but mostly on new and reoccurring online product launches. Since then we have created some magic together pushing the film and online wellness industries into new and exciting territory! It’s always a pleasure hearing his ideas and different perspectives on how we can serve our community in a deeper and more impactful way. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to show the world something you love that nobody knows about yet, Michaels your man!"

James Colquhoun
CEO & Founder / FoodMatters and FMTV

"Michael Maidens is like a Marketing Buddha: he embodies the worldly perspective, peace and inner joy of a Zen master along with all the brilliant ideas, strategies and tactics of a marketing wizard. Like all high end professionals, he has that deft ability to take the complex and make it clear. If you can get on his calendar and get his bright neurons pointed your way, consider yourself lucky."

Victoria Labalme
Strategic Performance Coach for Elite Entrepreneurs, Authors and Executives /

"Michael helps you develop a deep emotional connection with your audience to create a heart centered movement around your business that serves everyone involved. Because of this, he is a magician of the heart. CEO’s around the world say that one of the main challenges they face is being able to create ‘customer intimacy’. Michaels solves this challenge by applying his expertise in high-level strategy and deep knowledge of the tactical steps you need to take to make this happen. He’s rare bread."

Dr Nic Lucas
BSc, MHSc, MPMed, PhD Author, Lecturer, Change Leader / Nic Lucas

"Michael exudes positivity and energy. Just being around him I feel more motivated to achieve my goals. His business acumen is off the charts, and has helped me in more ways then words can describe. Bottom line – rock star."

JB Glossinger
International Coach and Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Author /

"Michael Maidens is, simply put, the real deal. The term “heart-based entrepreneur” is thrown around a lot…but there are very few people who truly fit that mold…and Michael is one of them. What defines a heart-based entrepreneur? To understand human behaviour at the deepest level is step one…to be able to present (and sell) with integrity is step two…and to teach it, apply it and share it is all part of step three. Michael has mastered all of that in both his personal life and professional life. I consider being connected to him, learning from him and sharing with him one of the blessings of my life."

Brian Kurtz
Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc. and a serial direct marketer for the past 30+ years /

"Michael is one of the smartest innovators I’ve met in the product launch and business model development space. He has that uncanny ability to see something amazing that no-one else can see… and then turning that idea into a million dollar business! Whenever I want advice on how to promote/market/launch anything new, I first run it past the genius mind of Michael Maidens.Get him on board your team. It’s a no-brainer."

Gideon Shalwick
Online Video Marketing Entrepreneur /

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