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Laziness and Intelligence

business Mar 22, 2018

Here is another parable that I really resonate with! Although I do not 100% resonate with the word 'laziness' I feel the lesson is in being efficient and looking for the fastest way to get the most return on your effort! Enjoy..

Why laziness and intelligence are a power combination!

Warren Buffett works only three hours a day... but he is one of the wealthiest men in the entire world.


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The Fisherman and The Banker

business Dec 03, 2017

When I first read this parable it changed my view on work and life. Now use it as a  reminder to keep things in perspective. Enjoy and the journey of entrepreneurship and live along the way. Do not wait for the destination, its an illusion. There is only the journey, so enjoy it!

Interestingly I refer to where as I live as a 'little fishing village'.

The Fisherman and The Banker


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