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Why I Love Launches

launches Feb 22, 2018

I love launches.

Launches, launches launches... Firstly lets talk about the elephant in the room.

A 'launch' can only happen once. It happens at the start of the business or product and then its always available for sale. This must be true right?

Yes, and no.

The word 'launch', thanks to a good friend of mine Jeff Walker, has an evolved definition in the online marketing world.

So lets...

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Relationship Depth: An Essential Ingredient To Launching Products In The Health Wellness and Personal Development Space

Relationship Depth

Most online marketing is flawed for the health, wellness and personal development space. People looking for solutions in these areas buy from people they trust and who fit their unique needs, and this takes time.

Connecting and creating deep relationships online then becomes the biggest priority for health, wellness and personal development products.

Many people teach...

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